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Books have always been a part of my regular leisure fare. My taste of literature ranges from bygone French colonial campaigns, Fitzgerald, Dostoevsky and, of course, the spy and military thrillers I’ve been devouring since 7th grade.

My love for those most masculine of books started with Jack Higgins’  “The Eagle has Landed.”  Gradually, I shifted to Tom Clancy’s more complex techno thrillers. Years ago, I attempted to read my dad’s wayward copy of Robert Ludlum’s “The Bourne Ultimatum”, but found the pacing to slow.

As my literary horizon widened through the years, I’ve learned to appreciate Ludlum’s elaborate plots of heroic crusaders and malevolent, omni-present organizations. Finishing “The Matarese Circle” was the turning point. Reading the fast-paced “The Prometheus Deception” cemented Ludlum’s new-found status among my favorite authors.

I’ve already collected all of Tom Clancy’s works of fiction. In addition, most of Jack Higgins’ notable publications can be found in my book collection. I’ll be scouring second-hand bookstores for more Ludlum!

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Lemaitre sprints 10.09s behind Powell’s 9.82s

Young Christophe Lemaitre, finished 2nd behind Asafa Powell during last Thursday’s Diamond League. It was the perfect opportunity to break 10-seconds, with the former world record holder running beside him. Lemaitre could only manage a 10.09s (he ran a 10.03s weeks ago) against Powell’s World Leading 9.82s.

Read the full event reports from the Diamond League site.

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