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Great workout!

I felt lazy today. Perhaps it was the week-long sleeplessness rearing its ugly head. I shook off the callings of a quiet Saturday and dragged myself all the way to Ultra. Whilst stuck in crawling, bumper-to-bumper EDSA traffic, I noticed the gray skies. I wouldn’t want to be rained out again like last week. This time around, however, I came prepared with rain gear.

The weather was surprisingly cooperative. I trained for about an hour this afternoon. After a short, 2 lap warm-up, I did a set of plyometric one-step hurdling drills – the first time in more than two years. It was a refreshing change to the hurdle walk-overs I’ve been doing the past 5 months.

Although I haven’t really worked out over the hurdles as much as I wanted to , the fundamentals are still quite strong. I loved the sensation of fast hip action and momentary flight. My form still needs more fine tuning.

With my confidence bolstered to record highs, my 5-step hurdle clearances (low hurdle height) went smoothly. I found my hurdling rhythm once again. Despite some obvious creaks due to my 2-year absence, every facet of hurdling went smoothly – the knee lead, the extension of the lead leg, the arm action, the lead leg cut and the trail leg action.

A couple more workouts like these and I’ll be ready to try out the three-stride pattern.

To end the track workout, I did 4x150m sprints (80% effort). Resting 1:30 in between sprints, the workout was not a walk in the park. I then went to Celeb for weight training session.

Track Workout:

Plyometric hurdle drills

5-step hurdle clearances

4x150m sprints


Jerk (2×10)

Pull-ups/Bench Press super sets (2×10)

Stiff-legged dead lifts/Leg extension/Leg curl compound sets (2×10)

Ab circuit

That was one helluva GREAT WORKOUT!

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