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Pitkamaki spears Sdiri, then wins World Gold.

Reading of an upcoming showdown between Andreas Thorkildsen and Tero Pitkamaki reminded me of Pitkamaki’s no non-sense training clip.

Take note of Pitkamaki’s badass throwing style, where he puts his entire body behind each heave of the javelin. The way Pitkamaki dives to the track after each throw makes him more exciting to watch than his more illustrious nemesis – who had won back-to-back Olympic titles and a World Championships gold against Pitkamaki’s lone World title.

But what makes Pitkamaki truly admirable is his ability to hurdle adversity – or in this case, to spear adversity right at the ribcage! A month before topping the Osaka World Championships, Pitkamaki accidentally threw an errant javelin into the long jump area, impaling the French long jumper Salim Sdiri.

Fortunately, Sdiri escaped with nothing more than a flesh wound, missing a vital organ by a few centimeters.

To be able to win gold at the world stage after an obviously fearsome accident would have reduced most mortals to pulp.  Amazing. Amazingly badass!


Federer escapes Falla

The movie Wimbledon (2004) sparked a renewed interest in tennis and, yes, Wimbledon. Back then our cable provider did not show the prestigious grass court tournament (so I settled for the next best thing, the French Open). There’s something regal about the predominantly white outfits and the English ambiance that makes Wimbledon attractive to the spectator.

Last night, I watched the great Roger Federer pull off a Houdini, escaping with a close fought, 5-set victory against the 60th-ranked Alejandro Falla. It was a great duel. To my untrained eyes, the drop shots and the long rallies were a joy to watch.

As Wimbledon unfolds, I’m hoping for a rematch of the Federer – Andy Roddick final last year.  I’m rooting for no one in particular, but I think it’s about time Roddick hits top plum.

Also, I wish the best of luck to the Filipino entries (Treat Huey, Riza Zalameda, Jeson Patrombon and Francis Casey Alcantara).

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