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Great Nike Ads!

I like the Three Stripes better than the Swoosh. There’s just something elegant about Adidas. But then again, Nike makes the best sports ads.

Here are some of the Nike Ads I love best:

1.) Write the Future (2010) –
I’m not a football fan, but this somehow gets me into the World Cup groove. I like how the clip explores the various outcomes of a football match – and the touch of humour as well. The fact that Kobe and Federer are featured in the campaign bridges the football divide.

2.) Nike South Africa (2006) –
I used to recite the lines uttered in the video back in college. It exudes the gung-ho, no-fear attitude one has to have to succeed in sports. I’m not familiar with most of the South African athletes in the ad, aside from Godfrey Mokoena and the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius, nevertheless, it’s a quite a powerful commercial.

3.) Nike Training –

Liu Xiang and Manny Pacquiao in one commercial. Need I say more?

4.) Nike Courage (2008) –

The following ad is short, but the awesome soundtrack and classic sporting moments (Liu Xiang, Carl Lewis, Derek Redmond, Michael Jordan!) featured in it contribute to one inspiring, bad-ass ad – the best among the three.


Sports and Corporate Life

I used to espouse a Nietzchean approach to things. Take track & field for instance. Back in college, I dropped all sorts of extra-curricular activities- from school org’s to my social life – just to be faster, stronger and better.In the corporate world, such line of thinking is hard to live out. One must learn to find balance.

I admire businessmen/family men/athletes like Wilfred Uytengsu and Jean-Henri Lhullier. Both are active physically, with Uytengsu being an accomplished triathlete and Lhullier having decades worth of experience in tennis.

I long to have the financial flexibility to engage in such pursuits, but then again, I’m quite far off the top of the corporate ladder. Come to think of it, I do not even know what I’m passionate about outside track & field. It’s a puzzle, all right, but I’ll be finding my way around things as I move on in life.

I’m particularly impressed with Uytengsu. In fact, reading that Rogue Magazine article about the Alaska Milk CEO was one of the driving factors in my attempting a comeback. If one of the country’s top business leaders can juggle business, family and triathlon training, I’m quite confident that I can manage a two-pronged balancing act.

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