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Forgive me for turning showbiz, but I just have to get this out of my system.

I never did like Karylle – until I saw her don running gear. For some reason, I was not drawn into the talented performer. In fact (ugh, here it comes), I even sided with Marian Rivera during the their love triangle episode with Dingdong Dantes.

When I saw her photos from The Bull Runner, lo and behold, I was smitten! I guess I really am a sucker for athletic girls.

I’ll run WITH you, Karylle! Even if it’s a Marathon.. or a full Ironman!

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10-for-10: Rob Sargan’s dream outer space date

The versatile Rob Sargan is one of the finest student-athletes ever to come out of the Ateneo. Sargan was a top notch college-level decathlete/pole vaulter, in the mold of a C.K. Yang. After his last college competition in 2006, Sargan is still fiercely active in sports, taking part in Ultimate and flag football games. Based in the States, Fil-am (or Feel-Am, as he would rather say!) works for A Runner’s Circle, a specialty running shop in L.A.

1.) How did you get started with track?

I was looking for something productive to do with my life.

2.) What’s the most memorable moment of your track career?

Breaking the Unigames (National University Games) record in Bacolod…and the celebration after.

3.)  What’s your life-long dream?

To be happy.

4.)    Let’s lighten up a bit! What would you rather wear and why? Short shorts or tights?

Tights. Sexy na, secure pa! (It’s both sexy and secure!)

5.)    If you could be a Glee cast member, who will you be? And what song will you sing?

Dude, c’mon….

6.)    How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Tough one….I would have to choose F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because HIMYM isn’t as timeless!

And ok fine, fine! to answer the previous question, I’d be that asian dude thats always there in the background.

7.) Favorite movie?

At the time of me writing this, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

8.) If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, which would you choose?

Under the aurora borealis.

9.)  Name three things you just can’t live without.


10.) Fill in the blanks: I’ll run an ultra marathon just to go out with _________.

A hottie, on a date in a space shuttle orbiting earth for a day. EPIC.

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Inspired by Spikesmag’s Pop Quiz, I decided to start something similar for my blog. This regular portion will showcase track athletes first and foremost, as well as those from other sports.

Thanks to Ceres Lina for coming up with the 10-for-10 name!

Go Allen Go!

Struggling with the event years ago, I remember watching an IAAF Hurdles Training Video to iron out the deficiencies in my technique. Two of my three favorite hurdlers, Allen Johnson and Colin Jackson, were featured in that video. At that time, however, I preferred the former World Record over Johnson.

Through the years, I learned to appreciate Allen Johnson. Never in the history of the event has a hurdler stayed on top of the pack. Despite strings of injuries that cut short the best of his performances, Allen always seemed to come back from the bottom.

Johnson with his daughter, shortly after winning the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Gold

Johnson won in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and an unprecedented four World Championship Gold Medals (1995, 1997, 2001 and 2003), his last World Gold coming at the expense of an upstart Liu Xiang.

Soon enough, Liu and Johnson became my hurdling heroes. I loved how they dueled prior to the 2004 Athens Games – and the mutual respect they had for each other. There was no trash talk or bad blood (like the Michael Johnson vs. Maurice Greene chapter) between the two, despite the multitude of head-to-head battles. In fact, Liu actually idolized the Johnson. What a great race that could have been, had Johnson not clipped a hurdle in the preliminary rounds in Athens.

Despite injuries, Johnson did not fade away. In 2006, he again went under 13 seconds, clocking 12.96s. At the age of 37, Johnson grabbed silver in the 2008 World Indoor Championships. After reading this article from Universal Sports, I’m glad to know that my idol – at 39 years old – is not going to hang up his spikes any time soon.

I’m still a little tired from the light hurdles workout I did last night. Recovering my competition sharpness would take tons of hard work and much discipline. Reading about a 39-year old guy aiming to run sub-13.20 makes the struggle a lot easier to bear.

“The hunger is still there. I’ve always loved running. Besides you only live one time and when I do stop running it will be over forever. So I am going to make the most of it while I still can.” – Allen Johnson

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