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10-for-10: Leryn Franco talks about London 2012, competing and Yoann Gourcoff!

Leryn Franco answers the 10-for-10 quiz!

The two-time Olympian, professional model and beauty queen takes time off her busy schedule to answer the 10-for-10 feature!

1. How did you get started with track?

I’ve always loved sports, so I started at school with my friends!!just for fun!!

2. What’s the most memorable moment of your track career?

This sport had given me so many memorable moments. When I set the record of Paraguay, the Olympic Games, even when I get hurt, you always remember the good and bad things… it’s the life we choose and I love it!!

3. What’s your life-long dream?

Now, LONDON!!! of course! but as a person and as a woman, I’m like everybody else, I want a happy family, I think right now I can not complain of what I have, I’m just living the moment, that’s a good advice!! =)

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4. Let’s lighten up a bit! What would you rather wear and why? Short shorts or tights?

Difficult question for a woman!! what was you thinking about?? Hahaha it depends!!

hurdler49: I was thinking more from a performance perspective!

5. If you could be a Glee cast member, who will you be? And what song will you sing?

Hmmm.. Sorry Joboy, I don’t [watch]  Glee!! =(

6. How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Hmmm difficult one!!! Hey you watch too much TV!!! Hahaha

7. What’s the best pump-up song of all-time?

You are killing me Joboy!!!

8. If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, which would you choose?


9. Name three things you just can’t live without.

REALLY??? HAHAH things, no persons!!!

  • My cellphone
  • My car
  • Internet

10. Fill in the blanks: I’ll run an ultra marathon just to go out with _________.

Yoann Gourcoff!! hahahaha =)

Now I’m smitten since she said my name quite a few times! Yoann Gourcoff, you’re one lucky guy.

Thank you for answering, Leryn!

Article by Joboy Quintos

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