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Some Updates

I’m a lot more confident now, in light of the successful comeback. It’s a good feeling to finally shake off the cobwebs of retirement. Hell, I was getting tired of saying referring to UAAP 70 (February 2008) as my last hurdles race! May 2011 sounds way better than the former.

Another week’s worth of hams rehab and strengthening and I’m good to go. I’m planning to intersperse competitive basketball games in my GPP routine, just to assuage the latent boredom of training alone. Come to think of it, not speaking to anyone else for hours at length could be damaging to the mind to say the least! A change in routine, no matter how minute, could be beneficial.

The long, hard road of preparation is in the horizon. Despite the harried balancing act of a working athlete, the prospect of bettering my lackluster 16.5s clocking in the National Games is a sweet thought. As that Dwayne Wade ad goes, “fall seven times stand up eight.”

For now, I’ll be taking it easy on the gym, focusing most of my energies on strengthening my hams – and doing fun-filled upper body workouts!


Some Off-Season Updates (26 December 2010)

Aside from an intense pick-up game last Saturday, I’ve been sedentary for the last 10 days. It’s refreshing not to chase after times or rush from work to training.Despite the relatively light workout load, one can’t help but feel stale after 10 months.

Since I slept at around 10:00 PM last night, I woke up at 5:30 AM. It felt great not having to rush to work! I took my time getting dressed for the gym.

I decided to do some core drills at the gym, just to wake up my dormant body. I didn’t do anything intensive. I just went over a few of the drills I remembered from Simon Hunt’s informative pre-season workout routine. In the coming weeks, I’ll be putting much emphasis on core strength – the main deficiency of my post-comeback sprinting form. I’ll be doing my utmost best to design a bad-ass training program for the upcoming track & field season.

In fact, I shelved the customary warm-up run for the stationary bike, just to keep things from being monotonous.

I intend to sprint more like Carl Lewis than Christophe Lemaitre!

I topped off the easy morning workout with light upper body weights and some ab exercises.


It has been a week since my last training session. I was hoping to compete for the first and last time this season on 11 Dec, but the organizers of the PATAFA Weekly Relays chose to scrap that particular competition. Having trained since February 2010, I couldn’t just stretch my routines any longer. Physically, I am not burned out yet. I still feel that I can still slug it out for a month at most. Psychologically, however, I’m relatively less fit.

The hurdles (literally and figuratively) of the last couple of months have been quite challenging. The time I spend away from the track is time well-spent.

I am not planning on being sedentary until training resumes early next year. First up my list is my basketball conditioning. As soon as the festivities of Christmas end, I’ll be working doubly hard to build up a good fitness base for the upcoming 2011 athletics season, whilst taking part in my high school class’ ABL campaign the best way I can.

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