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Oasis – Morning Glory

I love this song. I used to listen to this upon waking up for an early morning session or for a competition. Nowadays, track meets are rare commodities. And I almost always have to drag myself out of bed for work.

I discovered this song way back in 2006. “Morning Glory” was part of the soundtrack of the movie “Goal.” The opening line of “all your dreams are made, when you’re chained to mirror and the razor blade” is an apt description for the rise of the film’s protagonist – and to my own circumstances as well!

The choice of music is of utmost importance, now that I train alone. The song almost always dictates the tempo of a training session. It can rouse my senses from the lethargy of routine. In this day and age where I’m susceptible to slacking off, many a time have I been saved by my iPod shuffle.

I’ve always said that I’m thankful for being given another shot at my athletics career. Never mind the fact that domestic track & field is a fringe sport no one cares about. Simply put, I’m ecstatic – and somewhat relieved – to live an athlete’s life again.


Rising up (28 and 29 November 2010)

I had loads of fun the past two training days. Despite feeling a bit sore from the unforgiving 360 Fitness Club Boot Camp, I forced myself to go to Moro last Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t keen on doing anything too strenuous.

I ran around the Ateneo campus just to loosen up my legs. I look forward to these rare campus runs. Since I’m almost always nocturnal when it comes to training, basking under the sun’s warmth is a rare opportunity.

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Unfortunately, the overcast skies weren’t apt for me to wear my prescription shades! I did some light starts work afterward, just to polish some technical matters ahead of my first and last 100m dash race on the 11th of December.

I woke up this morning after a good 7 hours worth of sleep. The soreness of the weekend debacle was all gone. I was pumped-up to head out to the gym. I didn’t have to wake up early since it was a holiday. I really do miss early morning training sessions! It reminded me of the days when I listened to Oasis’ “Morning Glory” (got this from Goal, the movie) before heading out to Rizal or Ultra back in my college days.

As always, the gym was devoid of attractive single ladies. It was more crowded than the night shift. It got even more packed when the young guns from the Ateneo High School Track Team arrived! I didn’t complain, though. I just love lifting with fellow track & field athletes (even if I hardly know the new faces of the AHS track squad!). It’s a refreshing change from the usual gym habitues I’m accustomed too.

All-in-all, the past two days were quite productive. It’s good to know that I’m still pretty much in shape, despite some real life hurdles. I’m all set for my 2010 season debut – and finale!

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Track workout (28 Nov 2010)

1km run

Running drills

3x50m starts

Gym/plyo workout (29 Nov 2010)

Core on swiss ball


Shoulder press

Bicep curls/tricep kickback


Deep squats

Plyometric step-ups

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