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Picking up the pieces (10, 13 and 14 July 2010)

I got sick for the better part of the previous week. The lack of sleep finally took its toll. It started a couple of Saturday’s ago. From a light, irritating cough, it worsened to phlegm-laced asthma and a bad cold. It took a good 5 days for me to recover.

I had no other choice but to cut my already meager allotment of gym and track time.

10 July

Last Saturday, I was healthy enough to lift weights. I didn’t feel like training though. I just went through the motions of the gym and plyo exercises. I felt weak doing the core exercises and weights routine. Perhaps it was the week-long layoff rearing its ugly head. Heeding my body’s signals, I packed my bags and went home.


Depth jumps

Bench press

Bicep curl

Tricep extension

Abs circuit

13 July

I went back to the track on Tuesday night to do some light sprints. My pacing was off. I couldn’t seem to follow the goals of the workout (70% effort, 150m strides). Halfway through my routine, I shunned my trusty iPod Shuffle (my training buddy for the past 2 years). The music blaring in my ears were starting to become a nuisance.

Track workout:

Light running drills

3x150m sprints (70-80% effort, 4 minutes rest)

14 July

Again, I felt sluggish. It took some complex plyo reps to wake my sleepy system. I went light on weights, doing 2 sets for each exercise. I’m particularly proud of my Cleans. The hard work I put honing my form is starting to bear fruit!


Complex box jumps

Cleans (2×9-10)

Stiff-legged dead lift (2×10)

Dips + leg lifts (2×10)

Split Squats + Ab scissors  (2×10 per leg)

Single leg shoulder press + leg lifts  (2×10)

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