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On Blog Statistics and Athletics

The year 2012 is a year of extremes for both my blog and my recently concluded (ignominiously, at that) athletics career. Monthly readership had increased exponentially from January up to the London Olympic Games in August. From 7,904 unique monthly views in January, this vital statistic peaked at a staggering 71,598 in August. Similarly, I had experienced some sort of athletics renaissance in the early months of the year. I felt strong, despite the psychological hindrances of training solo and juggling a challenging schedule.

blog stats

Readership dropped considerably after London. So did my interest in athletics and writing about track & field. I still managed to eke out the weekly Track Beauty, which by then has been something short of mechanical. I struggled to find inspiration to churn out in-depth, honest-to-goodness pieces that has become the trademark of this blog. In the end, it was a futile attempt at sustaining something that is not there.

Read: “Arrivederci, Hurdles!”

The moment the Olympic magic died down, the reality that I am a retired hurdler took immediate effect. Although the steady stream of athletics articles have slowed down to a trickle, I have no intention of killing this site outright. I am still pretty much engaged in sports, in light of regular competitive basketball games, weight training, plyometrics and sprinting workouts. Even if my interest in track & field is near its historic lows, I’m quite certain that once the indoor season comes into full swing, I’ll be tuning in to Eurosport and scouring the athletics news wires yet again.

As I grow older in life, these puerile concerns become less and less pressing. Perhaps one day this site will die a natural death, but the time is not now.

Track Geek

My morning routine consists of reading the latest business news, local and foreign. Doing so is imperative in my line of work. In my first year as a bond trader, I read nothing but news about finance and the economy. Tidbits about sports, much less track & field were a rarity. Come to think of it, I’ve been out of the athletics loop since Beijing 2008 – that’s two years’ worth of track & field hibernation.

A remarkable thing happened back in early 2010. As I immersed myself in sports (basketball) yet again, I found myself browsing through my old cyberspace haunt – the International Association of Athletics Federations website. Soon enough, I was watching all sorts of track & field videos again, not just those from my past as a college-level hurdler.

I rediscovered a fountain of happiness. I no longer felt such a pretentious prick, making do with the tall man’s sport of basketball. As I picked up my spikes again, I felt so much at home. Indeed, it feels good to be honest to oneself.

Nowadays, I’m even more of a track & field geek than before. Prior to reading Bloomberg, Business World and the Inquirer’s business section, I start my morning news run with athletics updates – lots of it.

I start off with the IAAF, of course and browse through the following sites for interesting articles:

  1. European Athletics Association – in-depth and informative content from the hotbed of athletics.
  2. Spikes Mag – a lighter view on the sport. Plenty of interesting (and funny!) features.
  3. Universal Sports – An American site which has superb coverage of most major meets. I love the up-to-date video section and those fiesty blogs.
  4. Eurosport (Athletics) – mostly updates about British track.
  5. Athletics Australia – I love reading about the athletics scene down under.

Aside from the aforesaid track sites, I also follow the superb blogs of sprint hurdlers David Oliver and Derval O’Rourke since it has that personal touch devoid of most other athlete-oriented websites. I also read the following Filipino sports blogs for non-track & field content: (1) Bleachers Brew and (2) Fire Quinito.

In fact, I read so much track & field that I feel the constant urge to blog about most of the stuff I read. Thank heavens for Twitter since I could instantly post tidbits of track on the micr0-blogging site. It helps to control what little free time I have for my main blog. Besides, my blog is NOT a track & field news blog (although I post some interesting reports from time-to-time). The blog is supposed to document the travails of a former college-level athlete juggling career and training amidst the tumult of quarter-life.

With all these track & field content stuck in my head, finding a friend to talk about the latest track news is a daunting chore! In my years in the sport, I’ve only met a handful of people who can keep up with my athletics addiction!

I’m fortunate to live in this day and age of information, where everything – and I mean everything – is at the click of a mouse. Drat. That’s why I can’t stand NOT having an internet connection!

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