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10-for-10: Katherine Kay Santos

Despite the peaks and troughs of the Philippine athletics scene, Filipino women have competed with distinction in the long jump for more than two decades. Since Elma Muros-Posadas’ maiden long jump win in the 1989 edition of the Southeast Asian Games, the Philippines had fallen short of the title only once. The last Filipino to win an Asian Games medal was the evergreen Muros-Posadas in 1994. Marestella Torres emphatic win at the 2009 Asian Championships was the most high-profile achievement of a Filipino track & field in recent memory.

Photo from PATAFA/Roselyn Hamero

Katherine Kay Santos is poised to become the next best Filipino long jumper. The Baguio-based Santos is currently fifth in the Women’s Long Jump All-Time List (compiled by Andrew Pirie). She has a personal best of 6.25m, which she set en route to winning the 2011 Southeast Asian Games bronze medal. Illustrious names like Torres (6.71m), Muros-Posadas (6.56m), Lerma Bulauitan-Gabito (6.56m), and Lydia De Vega-Mercado (6.27m) are all ahead of Kat in the all-time list.

Santos is gifted with both raw flat out speed, having won several medals in national-level competition, and good jumping technique. The 22-year old is on the brink of barging into the big leagues. Although it’s a tad too early to say that she’s Torres’ heir apparent, the statistics show that the University of Baguio student is the Philippines’ second-best long jumper. Kat is actually a protege of Bulauitan-Gabito, herself a SEA Games gold medalist and an Olympian.

As she gains experience from regular exposure in the regional athletics circuit, it will only be a matter of time before Kat Santos makes her mark.

1. How did you get started with athletics?

When I was in 5th grade I wanted… to be part of the athletes in our school. But eventually the coach in our school hesitated to choose me. I didn’t know why [she did that]. But in [the] 6th grade I [pushed] myself to join [the] try outs.  I proved that I can be one of them [the varsity athletes] and [the coach eventually] chose me.

2. What’s the most memorable moment of your track career?

Most memorable? Of course the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia. Maybe because it was my first time to compete in [the] SEA Games. [I had] mixed emotions.. (;  In my 1st attempt to jump I was really shaking. Suppeeeeer­rr. Hehe.

3. What’s your life-long dream?

To be an Olympian. ‘Diba? Sarap ng pakiramdam maging part man lang ng Olympics [It’s a great feeling to become part of the Olympics].

4. Name three other sports you’d love to do aside from athletics?

The 1st is synchronized swimming. I love watching it. [And also] sports climbing [and] sumo haha joke! The last is biking [cycling].

5. Who is your sporting idol?

My idol is DARYA KLISHINA. Ganda na [She’s beautiful], [a] model, and magaling pa [Darya excels] in our same event which is [the] long jump.

6. What do you when you are not on the track competing or training?

At home doing household chores, kulitan [playing] with my bunsong kapatid [youngest sibling] and my cousins na nakatira sa house namin [who live in our house], or sleep until noon… para makabawi sa pagod ng training [to recover from the exhaustion brought about by training].

7. What is your favorite pre-race pump-song?

Kahit ano lang [Anything]. Haha. Usually mga new ones na song [I usually listen to the new songs]… yung mga nauuso [the ones that are popular]! Gangnam Style. Haha lately yun!

8. Do you have a pre-competition ritual?

I just watch my diet mga [around] 2-3 weeks before the competition para magaan sa laro [so that I’ll feel light during the competition]. Kasi [Because] during preparation for such competition nagloload ako, so mabigat ako kapag sa [I bulk up in] training para makabuhat ng [to be able to lift the] target pounds pag nag weweigths training ako [in my training program].

9. Describe your dream vacation.

I want to be in a large and famous cruise ship and travel around the world. Astig diba? [Isn’t that cool?] (: Sarap mangarap, libre eh. [I love daydreaming. It’s free.]

10. Name three things you can’t live without.

Food! Water! Shelter! Siyempre [Of course, my] family ko. Daming money! And yung lifelong partner pag dumating na. I have no need for gadgets. (:

10-for-10: Danielle Frenkel דניאל פרנקל talks about late starts and breaking records

Danielle Frenkel דניאל פרנקל answers the 10-for-10 quiz!

Frenkel is Israel’s top high jumper. Originally training to be a professional dancer in her teenage days, the Israeli gradually made the big shift to athletics. Her breakout year came in 2010, as she padded her lifetime best by 11 centimeters. En route to rewriting the Israeli national records (1.91m), Danielle also won her first ever national title.

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Danielle with her 2011 Israeli “Female Athlete of the Year” trophy. (Photo from Assaf Yekuel)

At the 2010 European Championships in Barcelona, Frenkel leaped 1.92m in qualifying, but finished in 12th place at the final. She fared much better at the European Indoor Championships the next year, jumping over 1.94m (new Israeli indoor record) in qualifying. Danielle placed a hard fought fourth (1.92m) in the final.

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A knee injury had temporarily put Frenkel’s high jumping aspirations on hold. After undergoing surgery early in 2012, Danielle is on the fast track to full recovery – and to greater heights.

1.) How did you get started with athletics?

At school, I have always stood out [in] sports. My first high jump competition was in a district meet when I was 14 and [I]won 1st place . My coach today [Anatoliy Shafran] spotted me and told me I am very talented, and with practice I can jump higher. Back then, dancing had a greater appeal to me.

Only 5 years later, a phone call from my coach who offered me to participate in a meet, and the following Israeli championships, where I took 3rd place, made me realize that high jumping is my real passion.

2.) What’s the most memorable moment of your athletics career?

The most memorable moment was in Israel’s 2010 championships. When I broke the Israeli record by 3 cm and became the first Israeli woman who ever jumped over 1.90. I felt so good that I finally proved my real potential.

3.) What is your life long dream?

My long dream is to reach my full potential, and I feel I have a long way to go.

4.) Let’s lighten up a bit! What would you rather wear and why? Short shorts or tights?

Short shorts for sure.

5.) What is your favorite sports movie?

Berlin 36.

6.) What’s the best pump-up song of all-time?

Black eyed-peas : Pump it.

7.) If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, which would you choose?

I traveled for 4 months in central America and saw some amazing places. My answer would be any place, as long as I have my loved ones with me.

8.) What do you do in your free time?

Now I study for law and business degree. But I live very close to the beach. I like to go there and relax with friends.

9.) Name three things you just can’t live without:

My family and my boyfriend, chocolates, and [taking a ]bath.

10.) What advice would you give to the young athletes of today?

Be patient, explore all kinds of sports until you find the one that fits you and you love the most. I was a volleyball player and a ballet dancer. Only at the age of nineteen I realised that high jump is my destiny.


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“10-for-10: Marzia Caravelli’s Balancing Act” by Joboy Quintos

I first took notice of Marzia Caravelli at the run-up prior to the 2011 Daegu World Championships. In this day and age of professional athletes, the Italian sprint hurdler stands out because she has a full-time job and still manages to excel. According to an IAAF article, the Italian “works as a teacher for deaf children and trains only during the evening.”

Photo from Marzia Caravelli

A late bloomer, won all her four national titles after she turned twenty-eight years old! The Italian 200m dash and 100m hurdles champion won her first continental medal at the 2011 European Team Championships, stopping the clock in 13.10s to place third overall. A month later, Caravelli ran an impressive 13.01s – twice.

To cap off her breakout 2011 season, Caravelli made her debut at the world stage in Daegu, finishing 26th in qualifying. Marzia eventually set a new Italian record in May 2012. In an athletics competition in France, Caravelli stopped the clock in 12.85s. She bettered the old record by an astouding twelve-hundredths of a second!

Marzia’s unique balancing act shows that elite sports and full-time employment are not mutually exclusive.

1. How did you get started with athletics?

When I was 14 I was practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics. But in one year I became too tall [to] enter the hoop and to bend and twist my body, so I decided to start with athletics, because my sister was already practicing athletics. I went with her a few times, and then [I learned to] love [athletics].

2. What’s the most memorable moment of your athletics career?

When I reach[ed] qualifications for World Championship, two years [after] my ex coach told me I [won’t have a] future in athletics. And when I was third in the European Athletic Team championship, [the] same year!

3. What’s your life-long dream?

An Olympic participation, and then when I will finish my athletics career to find a job that gives me the same excitement of athletics.

 4. Let’s lighten up a bit! What would you rather wear and why? Short shorts or tights?

I used to train really dressed a lot! But while competing absolutely short shorts! I need to [set] my legs free!

 5. How do you manage to balance your athletics training with a full-time job?

I know I have not [much] time to train because I have to work. I know that my colleagues have all day to train and all [the] time to live as professional athletes. This makes me very angry!

Finally I’ve learned to turn that anger into strength of will. And so my two daily hours of training are intense, because I am hungry of demonstrating that all of them were wrong with me. But the truth is that my super-coach can manage the time we have in the best way, and in those two hours he is able to plan and make me do everything (or almost) I need. And until now, we have been right!

[And] last, if you add that I do a job I like, this also helps!

6. What’s your top three pump-up songs of all-time?

I don’t listen to music when I warm up or run, I prefer to be in contact with the world near me.

7. If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, which would you choose?

Italy, in the south near the sea! I think I couldn’t give up our food!!

8. Name three things you can’t live without.

Pasta, Coffee and Cell phone

9. Who inspires you?

Do you Know The Ugly Duckling story?!

10. If you weren’t a hurdler, you’d be a: Sign Language Interpreter…ops, but I am!

Article by by Joboy Quintos

10-for-10: Tatiana Chernova talks about standing victorious on the podium, Queen and F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

World-class heptathlete Tatiana Chernova Татьяна Сергеевна Чернова answers the 10-for-10 quiz!

Chernova is amongst the elite in athletics, having won the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She had much success as a junior and youth athlete, bagging titles at the 2006 World Junior Championships and at the 2005 World Youth Championships, respectively. Prior to her breakout performance at the Beijing Olympics, Chernova notched a new personal best of  6,618 points.

Chernova in action (Photo from IAAF)

At the world-renowned Gotzis Hypo Meeting last month, an in-form Chernova scored 6,539 points – the second best tally in 2011 – as she finished behind reigning Olympic champion Jess Ennis.

With ten months to go before the Daegu World Championships, Chernova is on-track in exorcising the ghosts of her injury-plagued campaign in Osaka four years ago.

1. How did you get started with track?

My dad always trained heptathletes, so I became involved in heptathlon when I was a child. At first I took part in four event competitions. And when I [grew] up, started to do heptathlon! I won my first competitions, and next year win with the record World Youth Championship! So, [that] was [the] beginning.

2. What’s the most memorable moment of your track career?

For me, every moment of my sports life brings happiness. Because when you win, and standing on the podium, listening the national anthem, then you understand the meaning of hard and long training, you feel the achievement of goals and Dreams!

3. What’s your life-long dream?

My dream is to realize myself and be happy.

4. Let’s lighten up a bit! What would you rather wear and why? Short shorts or tights?

I prefer anything more shorter. I love the freedom of movement.

5. If you could be a Glee cast member, who will you be? And what song will you sing?

Never heard of [Glee]. Hopefully I will be forgiven their fans.

6. How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

This [FRIENDS} is my favorite serial. Looked all seasons several time. Most importantly – he is about common people, about the relations between them and their lives. Favorite serial always raises the spirits!

7. What’s the best pump-up song of all-time?

I like Queen’s “We are the champions”! Every time I listen it, creeps running through the skin.

8. If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, which would you choose?

I would [like to travel] around the world in a balloon! I don’t like to sit long in one place and do nothing.

9. Name three things you just can’t live without.

Heptathlon, Jaguar, sun.

10. Fill in the blanks: I’ll run an ultra marathon just to go out with _________.

Bradley Cooper.

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