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Break to Build

In the years of my temporary retirement, I rarely went to the tracks I frequented in my college days, aside from the yearly UAAP championships. I had absolutely no reason to be on the track. During the early parts of the 2010 ABL Season, I realized that my physical conditioning – long neglected by my then relatively sedentary lifestyle – was grossly inadequate for the hoops game. Hence, I went to the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center to avail of its elevated indoor track.

As I shook the cobwebs of time, dusting it off my rusty legs, I felt a familiar sense of exhilaration. I can still remember that January night. It was raining profusely. I was clad in my favorite Ateneo Track & Field warmer and Adidas above-the-knee shorts. Shod in a trusty pair of Adidas kicks, I ran around the indoor track like I used to, albeit at a slower speed.

Looking back, that seemingly anonymous weeknight rekindled a love for the sport I thought I had lost.

But then again, there’s no denying the fact that I felt awkward doing all those track workouts after all these years – especially during the nascent stages of my comeback. Training alone, at first, was a shock. I had difficulty adjusting to my old college haunts. Without the presence of my former teammates – a boisterous lot – the track seemed like an empty place, devoid of familiar faces.

Years ago, in reference to the football movie “Goal!,” I used to say that “home is a 110m stretch of orange track.” During the solitary nights I spent chasing after a long-lost dream, my mind was littered by countless bullet holes of doubt. I felt devoid of purpose. I felt homeless.

Nowadays, I can say that I’ve adjusted somewhat to my routine of juggling work and training. All the “Han Solo” workouts, those late night thoughts (and lack of thoughts) have all worked for the better. Although I still balk at the pangs of quarter-life, I’m beginning to realize that this seeming lack of purpose on my life and career is a major opportunity to start anew. As Henrik Ibsen puts it, “the strongest man upon Earth is he who stands most alone.”

I break to build.


Thanks for the video Jeric!

Great Nike Ads!

I like the Three Stripes better than the Swoosh. There’s just something elegant about Adidas. But then again, Nike makes the best sports ads.

Here are some of the Nike Ads I love best:

1.) Write the Future (2010) –
I’m not a football fan, but this somehow gets me into the World Cup groove. I like how the clip explores the various outcomes of a football match – and the touch of humour as well. The fact that Kobe and Federer are featured in the campaign bridges the football divide.

2.) Nike South Africa (2006) –
I used to recite the lines uttered in the video back in college. It exudes the gung-ho, no-fear attitude one has to have to succeed in sports. I’m not familiar with most of the South African athletes in the ad, aside from Godfrey Mokoena and the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius, nevertheless, it’s a quite a powerful commercial.

3.) Nike Training –

Liu Xiang and Manny Pacquiao in one commercial. Need I say more?

4.) Nike Courage (2008) –

The following ad is short, but the awesome soundtrack and classic sporting moments (Liu Xiang, Carl Lewis, Derek Redmond, Michael Jordan!) featured in it contribute to one inspiring, bad-ass ad – the best among the three.

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