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Why Usain Bolt is the World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt crossed the finish line at the Bislett Games, stopping the clock at 9.79s. As we was slowing down the first bend, waving to crowd and doing his usual post-race celebratory moves, an exuberant race volunteer blocks Bolt’s lane to hand out a bouquet of flowers.

Disaster of Ivet Lalova proportions was averted, thanks to the Lightning Bolt’s quick reflexes. IHe jumped in an effort to break his momentum, and grabbed the girl to absorb the impact. The girl buckled under force of the muted impact, Usain carries her, preventing her from falling down the track, and gives her a friendly hug!

Usain Bolt, what a remarkable guy!

Lalova clocks 11.01s at the Bislett Games

It’s good to see Ivet Lalova Ивет Лалова back in sterling form. The Bulgarian, slowed by a broken femur the past few years, ran her fastest time in the 100m dash since 2005. Lalova came out on top of a quality field at the rain-soaked Bislett Games in Oslo, stopping the clock at a highly competitive 11.01s, almost three-tenths of a second away from her 2004 best of 10.77s.

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The reigning European Indoor 60m champion, Ukraine’s Olesya Povh Олеся Повх, came second (11.14s). Nigerian-born Norwegian Ezinne Okparaebo clocked 11.17s for third place. Povh and Okparaebo had a blistering start, with the former leading the pack until Lalova turned on her afterburners at the 65 meter mark. Verena Sailer, apparently still hampered by a back injury sustained at the early part of the year, lagged behind with an unremarkable 11.46s. In the absence of the Jamaicans and the Americans, the top five positions were occupied by Europeans.

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Lalova’s performance at the Oslo leg of the Diamond League is the 13th fastest in 2011. With big names like Carmelita Jeter and Veronica Campbell-Brown churning out 10.70s and 10.76s, respectively, the 10m dash in Daegu will be highly interesting. An in-form Lalova could give the traditional sprinting powers a run for their money come August.

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