On Blog Statistics and Athletics

The year 2012 is a year of extremes for both my blog and my recently concluded (ignominiously, at that) athletics career. Monthly readership had increased exponentially from January up to the London Olympic Games in August. From 7,904 unique monthly views in January, this vital statistic peaked at a staggering 71,598 in August. Similarly, I had experienced some sort of athletics renaissance in the early months of the year. I felt strong, despite the psychological hindrances of training solo and juggling a challenging schedule.

blog stats

Readership dropped considerably after London. So did my interest in athletics and writing about track & field. I still managed to eke out the weekly Track Beauty, which by then has been something short of mechanical. I struggled to find inspiration to churn out in-depth, honest-to-goodness pieces that has become the trademark of this blog. In the end, it was a futile attempt at sustaining something that is not there.

Read: “Arrivederci, Hurdles!”

The moment the Olympic magic died down, the reality that I am a retired hurdler took immediate effect. Although the steady stream of athletics articles have slowed down to a trickle, I have no intention of killing this site outright. I am still pretty much engaged in sports, in light of regular competitive basketball games, weight training, plyometrics and sprinting workouts. Even if my interest in track & field is near its historic lows, I’m quite certain that once the indoor season comes into full swing, I’ll be tuning in to Eurosport and scouring the athletics news wires yet again.

As I grow older in life, these puerile concerns become less and less pressing. Perhaps one day this site will die a natural death, but the time is not now.


One response to “On Blog Statistics and Athletics

  1. pinoyathletics.com December 17, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Good one Joboy. Neither Miler or PA got anywhere near 71k views in a month.

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