Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

When I was a high school junior, my class had Ateneo Hall of Fame football coach Ompong Merida as its PE teacher. He gave these heartfelt lectures on the importance of staying physically feat. Coach Ompong was fond of shouting “fitness for life,” with a determined fist thrown high up the air, each time we bumped into his workouts. During one such PE class, he told us about how he had recently rediscovered the joy of running.

Fast forward eleven years later. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I’ve hung up my spikes for good, putting an end to a decade’s worth of competitive athletics. In the months that I’ve spent away from the track, I found a precarious sense of peace doing absolutely nothing training related. I took pleasure in bumming around and going out with friends, shunning the spartan routine of an athlete with a day job. Soon enough, the novelty of such a lifestyle wore off. I could not, for the death of me, stand spending late nights in bars every single weekend. I began to miss the fantastic feeling of endorphin high – and to some extent, athletics itself.

Coach Ompong’s impassioned fitness speeches came into mind. I can live without the hurdles, but I cannot comprehend being sedentary.

I began a gradual return to an active lifestyle, as I picked up the pieces of my shattered athletics dreams. The weekly basketball leagues at work has been the focal point of my  competitive urges. As the rancor gave way to acceptance, I made a gradual return to my old haunts and to a watered down version of an athletics conditioning program. Without the pressures of the balancing act of work and competitive athletics, I can honestly say that I’m happier. I have finally outgrown those youthful pursuits.


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