Post-Workout Reflections

It’s a pity how some people my age complain of being “old.” Things could not be further away from the truth. Being in your mid-twenties is certainly much better than being in your teens. I can feel the difference in physique, to say the least. I am definitely not “old” for I am at the peak of physical fitness.

While having my customary post-workout meal this afternoon, I noticed a poster advertising a two-month TRX training program. The around 2 to 3 sessions per week, the prospective client must shell  Php 7,500 (approx.  USD 180). It’s a steep price to pay to get physically fit. True enough, gym memberships and decent coaching do not come cheap. Although one can opt to run outdoors or follow simple do-it-yourself workouts, there’s this fine line between being foolhardy and cost-effective.

Although I earn a decent enough salary with my finance industry day job, the thought of hiring a personal coach still seems a bit scary – and thankfully, unnecesary. This is where my athletics background come in handy.

Now that I’m retired from the sport, staying in tip-top physical shape has become imperative. In my past life I’ve taken being athletic as a pre-requisite to achieve my sporting goals. Nowadays, fitness has become an end in itself. Even if I’ve hung up my spikes, I have no intention of getting a beer belly!

I’ve been following a less stringent training regimen the past few months consisting of weight training, plyometrics, uphill sprints, and sprints. In essence, these workouts are modified track & field routines designed to mimic the physical requirements of a basketball game – my sport of choice outside athletics.

I invited a handful of my former track & field teammates to scrimmage with the D2003 ABL team yesterday afternoon. As expected, our younger and more athletic opponents ran circles around the older members of my high school class. It’s the first time in recent months that I’ve encountered such quality athleticism in opponents. Even if my basketball skill set is severely lacking, I’m proud to say that I can hold my own in terms of physical strength and fitness.

Like I always say, the end of my athletics days does not necessarily translate in being sedentary. Being an athlete is a way of life that transcends track & field and the hurdles. After all, one’s youth does not last forever.


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