The Diadora Ghost II

In the first nine month of my 13-month old Diadora Velox’s existence, I used the pair only for running, sprinting, drills, and some plyometric exercises. I turned to my trusty, old Umbro Club Runners as my weightlifting/plyometric companion. When I finally hung up my spikes last April, I gave my old Umbros to my brother. I figured that the Velox could last for another six months tops, in light of my significantly reduced workout load.

I thought wrong. The Velox’s fabric had thinned out the past year. Using it for weight training and plyometrics resulted into annoyingly ugly fabric tears. It was time to buy new shoes from my favorite outlet shop in EDSA Central.

Running shoes should be ideally replaced after six months. Since I don’t really run beyond 20 minutes, I usually use my shoes for a year and a half before relegating it to full-time gym duty. Since the Velox lasted for just 13-months as my main running shoe, I opted to look for a more robustly-built shoe.

The Diadora Ghost II fitted my specifications perfectly. Its nylon, mesh-type lining looks and feels tough. There is significant heel cushioning, making the shoe ideal for long-distance road runners. It has a snug fit especially at the forefoot area.


I’ve always loved metallic-colored footwear. The Ghost II, with its predominantly chrome and grey finish fully satifies my aesthetic requirements. I particularly like the stylishly-positioned streaks of blue. Blue, after all, is my color of choice as I pay homage to good old Alma Mater.

I went out for an easy mile run as soon as I got the Ghost II. Unlike some shoe brands, my feet felt instantly at ease with my new Diadoras. I ran on the unfamiliar streets of our subdivision, since the ongoing Ateneo College Entrance Tests (ACET) made it impractical to follow my usual running routes. The Ghost II provided sufficient traction in the moist and sometimes mossy sidewalks. I also found it quite easy to negotiate the oftentimes changing contours of the path I followed.

Priced at just Php 2,027 (approx. USD 50 and EUR 38), the Ghost II is a tad more expensive than my old Velox. Nevertheless, it is still much more cost effective compared to those mainstream brands.

I can see myself as a satisfied owner of Ghost II in the coming months. It is an inherently robust pair of shoes that exudes good style – and for a reasonable price.


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