Some London Updates

I’ve been staying up late just to watch the Olympic Games athletics, thanks to the seven hour time difference between London time (UTC +1) and Manila time (UTC +8). Judging by the quality of the events the past two days, the sleepless nights are worth it.

Last night was simply magical. Even if I was thousands of kilometers away and watching the events from the boob tube, I felt the electricity of the Olympic stadium. I felt goosebumps hearing the cheers of the home crowd, and the obvious glee of the British athletes at this unique moment. This is the first time I’ve watched Olympic Games athletics live – and in an in-depth manner at that, thanks to modern technology.

I’m glad to have witnessed the golden night of British athletics, when Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford, and Mo Farah stormed to the tops of their respective events. It is difficult enough to win Olympic gold, but to do it front of your homecrowd three times? That makes it legendary.

The women’s 100m final was just as scintillating, as six athletes went below the 11 second barrier. Congratulations to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce for successfully defending her Olympic title.

The controversial exit of Filipino boxer Mark Barriga and the idiotic throwing out of Kim Collins by the St. Kitts officials somehow soured my mood. Being Filipino, the former was a major turn off. The Filipino contingent – and our medal hopes – is the smallest in years. To see our lone boxing hope demolished by a questionable refereeing call added insult to injury.

But then again, the Olympic festivities lifted my spirits.


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