Re-run in Barcelona!

At the third heat of the men’s 400m dash qualifying, the starting gun fired before Kenyan Alphas Leken Kishoyian had settled on his blocks. He finished dead last with a time of 48.39s, due to the starter’s lapse.

A re-run was ordered, even if the Kenyan team did not file a formal protest. Kishoyian, according to an IAAF article, must better the time for the least fastest finalist (Nikita Uglov, 46.49s) to barge into the medal round.

The Kenyan youngster blasted out of the blocks, running the first 200m at around 21 seconds. He was gamely cheered on by the Kenyan contingent and the rest of the spectators. Having a personal best of 45.64s, Kishoyian had the necessary firepower to accomplish the task at hand. He stopped the clock at 46.46s.

With this peculiar twist, the 400m final will feature nine athletes instead of the standard eight in the sprinting events.

In the many years I’ve closely followed major international track & field competitions, this is the only time I’ve seen a re-run in such a high level meet. When Perdita Felicien accidentally veered into Irina Shevchenko after clipping a hurdle at the Athens Olympics 100m hurdles final, the Russian officials roared for a re-run.

The request was denied.

Back in UAAP 65, however, one of my teammates had a similar experience. The officials (for reasons I’ve forgotten), allowed my teammate to run in his own final heat, after the original final had taken place.

But then again, the UAAP is just a collegiate event from the athletics-obscure Philippines.

Additional Link:

400m Dash Semifinals

Video Credit:

Mike Bascombe (who uploaded the Super Sport clips)


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