Running A Dead Heat – Twice.

I was supposed to write about the dead heat between Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh, but something much more interesting caught my attention.

As I was scouring Google for more articles on the 60m Hurdles at the 2011 Russian Indoor Championships, where Yevgeniy Borisov Евгений Борисов and Konstantin Shabanov Константин Шабанов shared the national title, it turns out that the Russian hurdlers ran a dead heat again –  at the very same competition!

Read: “A Dead Heat!”

Borisov (orange vest) and Shabanov (blue vest) in 2011. Both hurdlers time 7.63s. (Photo from Athletics Russia)

In 2011, the Russian duo both clocked 7.63s. Even if the judges went to the photo-finish tapes, the race was too close to call; hence, they shared the gold. This time around, both Borisov and Shabanov were one-hundredths of a second slower. And still inseparable. For the second time in two years, the two hurdlers again shared the top spot on the podium.

Shabanov (L) and Borisov in 2012. Both athletes time 7.64s and share the gold again! (Photo from Athletics Russia)

A dead heat, especially in the running events, is a rare occurrence in itself. But to do it twice? Now, that’s uncanny!

Interestingly, the 2012 edition  of the Russian Indoor Championships featured closely-fought contests:

  1. Women’s Pole Vault (2012): Ludmila Yeruemina and Angela Sidorova both cleared 4.32m. Two bronze medals were awarded.
  2. Men’s 60m Dash (2012): Yevgeniy Ustavshchikov and Mikhail Yegorov both ran 6.74s. Again, two bronze medals were given! The battle for first place was also close, but the photo-finish cameras were conclusive. Aleksandr Brednev and Mikhail Idrisov were both credited with 6.72s, but the former took the gold medal.


EAA article on the 2011 Russian Indoor Championships

IAAF article on the 2012 Russian Indoor Championships

EAA article on the 2012 Russian Indoor Championships


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