New Directions

I’ll be putting all of my subsequent Track Beauty of the Week posts to my other blog, Superb Senora. I’ve been wanting to do spin-off the popular feature months ago since I do not want my internet alter ego, hurdler49, to be associated fully with biographies of gorgeous athletics women. But I decided otherwise – until now.

Read: “More Than Just Pretty Faces”

Before I retired from competitive hurdling, I’ve been able to drown off the weekly features by posting a plethora of articles on my training and other track & field topics. With my retirement, the aforesaid posts have fallen to a trickle. Soon enough, there will come a time when readers of this blog would see two consecutive Track Beauty posts on top of each other! If that happens, hurdler49 will be nothing more than a Track Beauty blog.

Besides, the 102 Track Beauty posts I’ve made the past two years are more than enough to direct decent traffic to my blog. I won’t be uprooting my old articles. That would be a much too tedious task. From now on, I’ll only post excerpts of the weekly posts linking to Superb Senora, while continuing to write about my other sporting pursuits, athletics issues and various sports that pique my interest.

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