Some Updates

Until the start of our MART/ACI basketball league, I haven’t played the hoops game since our ABL defeat last February. Unsurprisingly, I was rusty. To make matters worse, I am not in tip-top shape, since taking a one-month break from almost everything physical. My coordination and shooting was off. What limited basketball I.Q. I have was stunted by a lack of practice!

Thankfully, I have such able teammates. I can ride the bench anytime I make a series of fumbles. During D2003’s ill-fated ABL 2012 campaign, I could not even take a one-quarter break amidst the absence of our big guys.

With the Philippine National Games in Dumaguete going to full swing, I need an outlet for all my excess energy, lest I don my track kit again. These basketball games are perfect avenues to do just that. I can take a step back with youthful abandon. Despite my obvious lack of basketball moves, it feels superb to be able to unleash all these pent-up athletic energy. More importantly, there’s an excuse to focus on my fitness again. During my month-long hiatus, my body experienced withdrawal symptoms as it ingested more and excreted less endorphins.

I had an interesting talk with a couple of my athletics friends. One of them advised me stay in shape, just in case. Just in case, I have a change of heart.

For now, however, I shall take a low profile.


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