TDYSTAR (Teddy Tamgho) – Joyeux Noël

I must admit that I was quick to pillory Teddy Tamgho when I learned about his 12-month suspension. Tamgho figured in a brawl with a 19-year old female athlete at a training camp in Southern France. The details over the internet were scant. From the reports, the world indoor triple jump record holder was slapped with a fine, 50 hours of community service, and was suspended from athletics competition (although he’ll be eligible to compete in London).

Tamgho en route to his World Indoor gold (Photo from Wikipedia)

Read: “French triple jumper Teddy Tamgho banned for six months for fighting”

Read: “Teddy Tamgho suspendu six mois pour une altercation avec une athlète”

While looking into the aforesaid controversy, I stumbled upon Tamgho’s music video in reaction to all his critics. It was in French, of course, so I didn’t catch a single word.

Violence against women (or against any human being, for that matter) is deplorable. Since the punishment meted on Tamgho was considerably harsher than that given at the aftermath of the Baala-Mekhissi-Benabbad punching incident, one can only assume the gravity of circumstances, in light of the lack of details.

Despite all these, two things are certain: 1.) Tamgho is a talented athlete and 2.) He belches out a decent rap.


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