Some Updates

The first few days were the hardest. It took some time before the facts of life sunk in – that my competitive hurdling days are over. A part of me found it hard to finally let go. But thankfully, my logical side had the upper hand in the end. There were no reversals. I did not head out to the track in wild abandon.

Interestingly, I was informed by Pirie that the National Open scheduled this 18-21 May 2012 had just been scrapped. Although the National Games (slated a week after the National Open) will still push through, I (prior to my retirement, of course) absolutely had no plans of flying all the way to faraway Dumaguete to compete. It turns out that I’ve been preparing for nothing all along!

In the days since making my decision, I’ve stayed away from any physical activity. Save for the walks to/from the MRT station, I was (temporarily) sedentary. All of a sudden, I had lots of free time to think and ponder. Once the withdrawal symptoms subsided, my mind was back to its normal, logical self.

In contrast to my earlier retirement 4 years ago, I won’t isolate myself from athletics. In fact, I might just consider shifting to the sprints as a recreational athlete. After all, the benefits of athletics training are far-reaching. I’ll still be doing sprinting workouts in the course of my basketball preparations, so why not take part in low-key sprinting competitions in the spirit of fun?

Also, I am not shutting down this blog. I’ll still post my weekly Track Beauty features, on top of my various articles about athletics, basketball and all sports that interest me.


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