Holiday Thoughts

I just friggin’ hate it how the athletics stadium stay closed during holidays. The Philippines, being a supposedly Roman Catholic country, values its religious holidays. During Holy Week, the five-day weekend notwithstanding, being a sprint hurdler takes a back seat.

Even if I welcomed the respite from work, I was a bit pissed off at how public facilities like the Philsports Track & Field Oval stay closed THE ENTIRE FIVE-DAY WEEKEND (Monday is Bataan Day). It’s totally understandable to shutter the stadium on the most solemn religious holidays. But for the stadium to close shop on Bataan Day (or any other non-religious holiday for that matter) is stupid.

It doesn’t take much to run a friggin’ track oval. It’s not like Ultra is well-managed at all (the restrooms stink and there is no running water). Besides, the facility employs a multitude of security guards who work 365 days a week. In this day and age of sedentary lifestyles and slow-killing vices, why not open the gates to public-owned tracks to encourage the running-crazed public to break a sweat?

I honestly don’t expect much from the Philippine bureaucracy, rife with tomfoolery as it is. Most of the time, I hardly think about our so-called public servants. I just had to let off steam since I hate getting my training routine interrupted.

With these circumstances in mind, I’m seriously considering buying at least five hurdles (and a pick-up truck) and train at the good old high school oval in peace- unhindered and unencumbered by outside forces!


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