The Saucony Showdown

I just bought a new pair of sprinting spikes. This is only my second since starting my comeback in 2010, since track & field footwear are hard to come by in these islands. I’ve always wanted to own white spikes, ever since I saw the 2007/2006 Nike Powercat. But the allure of the all-blue Asics Lite-Ning 1 was too much to resist.

I love the Saucony Showdown’s snug fit. It has a comfortable feel, similar to my old Adidas Demolishers from 2005. It has sufficient forefoot stability, as expected from a rigid spikeplate. The Showdown even has a zip overlay to hide the laces, providing for a slightly more aerodynamic feel. The synthetic material is glossy – like a the shine on a newly waxed car. Nevertheless, the fabric feels tough despite its obviously high make.


Click here for high-res photos from Saucony

For a sprint hurdler’s spikes, toughness is of utmost importance (even if I rarely hit hurdles!).

The only drawback is its lack of breathability. The fact that I tried out the spikes on a scorchingly hot Manila afternoon made matters even worse. My feet felt uncomfortably hot after a few minutes. But then again, the shoes were designed for short bursts of speed in sprinting competition – not long drawn training sessions.

The Saucony brand is known for its distance running heritage than its sprinting pedigree. But with many-time World Championship sprinting medalist Wallace Spearmon as its endorsers, the brand has a notable figure behind its products.

My only qualm about the Showdown are the hints of neon green. Even if I no longer compete for the alma mater, I try my best to keep the color motifs of my track gear pair well with my old college kits. Blue does not match well with Green.

Hence, I replaced the laces with the black ones from my battered Demolishers. I’ll be putting electrical tape inserts to cover up the remaining patches of green.

Additional Link:

Details of the shoe from Eastbay


2 responses to “The Saucony Showdown

  1. Mark June 17, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    where did you buy them white? I’ve looked everywhere but they don’t seem to have the

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