Track Beauty of the Week: Kelly Cartwright

Kelly Cartwright is this week’s track beauty!

As a 15-year old, Cartwright was diagnosed with cancer. Her right leg had to be amputated from above the knee. The Australian learned how to walk with a prosthesis. Afterwards, Cartwright began to run competitively, using a carbon fiber leg similar to that of the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius.

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Photos from Zimbio/Getty Images

Since then, she has proudly competed for Australia at the Beijing Paralympics and various international events. In Beijing, she qualified for the 100m (T42) final, finishing in 6th place (18.92s). The young Aussie had a breakout 2011 season, where she rewrote her old long jump (F42) world record to 4.19m at the IPC Athletics World Championships. She also took the 100m dash (T42) crown, stopping the clock in 16.46s.

The London Olympic Games is just a few months away. Cartwright is a hands down favorite. With all the challenges she has faced – and the successes that she achieved – Kelly Cartwright is an inspiration to us all.

“My one piece of advice is just never to give up. You just have to keep going, no matter how tough life is.” – Kelly Cartwright


Kelly Cartwright’s Blog


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