ABL Game 5: Collapse

The absence of the team’s two UAAP veterans sapped our offensive and defensive potency. The resurgent Merrill Lazo opted to rest his bum knee, leaving a gaping a hole in the rotation. Ryan Agas’ taxing schedule as a medical student left him unavailable for last week’s game. If Merrill is the team’s heart, Ryan is its soul. We were left with a depleted lineup, with Choi Esguerra and Gino Magat unable to play.

Surprisingly, we were in contention for the better part of the game. Adi Dimaliwat stepped up massively, scoring 17 big points on 41.2% shooting. Paolo Rosales, chipped in 15 valuable points thanks to his daredevil fastbreak plays. Yayo Puno, the Defensive Player of the Year back in 2009, registered his first double-double in the season, had a herculean game. Puno grabbed a massive game-high 16 rebounds, on top of 12 points, 4 steals and 2 blocks.

Coming into the final quarter, AHS 4H 2003’s lead never went beyond 6 points. Midway into the fourth quarter, however, foul trouble left our frontline severely undermanned. From then on, the opposing team went on a scoring rampage.

When the final buzzer sounded, we were buried under a humiliating 18 point lead, thanks to our fourth quarter collapse.

AHS 2003 Week 6 Stats (From the ABL site)


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