ABL 2012 Game 4: Demolished

The first minutes of the game started fairly well. Despite the the staggering height advantage of Team Sarmiento, thanks to the 6’5 former Blue Eagle standout Martin Quimson, we powered on to an early three point lead as Merrill Lazo made timely drop passes to the lurking Yayo Puno. Our undersized front line and speedy guards played had the quick first step.


In the land of the giants. (Photos from Jeric Angeles)

Midway into the first quarter, the bleeding started. Despite the heroics of Lazo and Puno, our offense floundered. The tall trees of the opposing team stifled our rebounding and limited our second chance points. By halftime, the lead has ballooned to as much as 15 points.

Again, the missing Ryan Agas left a gaping hole on both sides of the court. Save for Lazo, our shooters failed to connect from three point country. Nevertheless, we soldiered on. Tempers almost reached boiling point as Lazo and Gino Magat figured in on-court altercations. The team staged a comeback in the third quarter. The duo of Adi Dimaliwat and Paolo Rosales wreaked havoc on the open court, scoring valuable fastbreak points. The team trimmed the deficit to as low as six points.

From then on, it was methodical slaughter.

We were outrebounded, 48 to 58. Team Sarmiento made a staggering 86 field goal attempts to our 69, shooting an impressive 39.5% to our woeful 29%. When the final buzzer sounded, the opposing team was up 16 points, 60-76. With the loss, the team’s record fell to 2-2, good enough for third place in our five-team division.

AHS 2003 Week 5 Stats (From the ABL site)


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