Get Fit with HyperSports!

More and more people are getting into running, in this day and age of weekly road runs. The need for a no-nonsense, scientific approach to training has become more urgent. After all, one cannot blindly join running events without preparation. Such lack of training can lead to injuries – and unnecessary medical expenses.

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Photo from Hypersports

What makes HyperSports interesting  (aside from the fact that it is run by my athletics friends!) is the quality of training it offers. With Ralph Soguilon (100m and 200m dash national record holder), Sheena Atilano (100m hurdles national record holder), Ninoy Marayag (2011 SEA Games bronze medalist) and Djundi Binas (former national level decathlete) at the helm, the weekend warrior is sure to pick-up loads of sporting knowledge.

According to HyperSports marketing manager Edmar Dionson, the weekly training sessions are still free of charge – for now. So if you want to experience elite-level athletics training, take part in Hypersports’ Get Fit 2012 campaign!

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I’ve been wanting to join the weekly training sessions of HyperSports in Philsports (Ultra) the past few weeks. But due to my packed weekend schedule, I could not seem to find the time. I’ll definitely head out to Ultra after the four-day UAAP Track & Field meet is done and if we don’t have ABL games that day.


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