ABL 2012 Game 3: Free Pass

The team came half an hour early, in anticipation of heavy traffic arising from the high school fair. With the game scheduled for 7PM, we assembled the core of the team a good 20 minutes before tip-off time. This was a far cry from the first game, when we ate up the 10 minute time-out allotment waiting to complete five players. Save for a couple of missing faces, most of the guys in the lineup were present. Even old reliable Choi Esguerra, who lost played for the class way back in high school, was there!

However, traffic woes saw the opposing team lose the game by default. No one wants to win (or lose) a game by default. But then again, rules are rules.  We were pitted against the joint league leaders, AHS 4J 2003, and were expecting a protracted battle with our athletic foes. Despite our willingness to wait it out, a strict schedule has to be followed. Nevertheless, a win is still a win, as the cliche goes.

When the grace period ran out, we decided to play a pick-up game instead to take advantage of the free hard court. Despite the informal setting, the players weren’t lacking in intensity. We were all frustrated at missing out on an ABL game; hence, we played hoops with [not-so-youthful] abandon. Despite the pressure-free environment, both squads came out with guns blazing.

We’ve always had trouble rotating the ball and running motion plays, relying on our streak shooting guards, lung-busting fast break plays and individual skill to score valuable points. The team had last many games with this type of play, falling pray to taller foes and more organized systems. As always, Merrill was a rock on both defense and offense. The return of Ryan from a one-game hiatus made for a more efficient play. Despite the presence of our two main men, the team lost to our undermanned opponents.

We were pummeled underneath by the magnificent post plays of RJ Jacinto, while the shifty MJ Torrado wreaked havoc on the open court. And yet, one can draw positives from the losing experience, wounded pride notwithstanding. At least it wasn’t an official ABL game. Moreover, it was a good opportunity to for the team to be more cohesive. It’s better to make mistakes on the practice court than in actual game! As the cliche goes, we learn more from losing than from winning.

The team might have gotten a free pass, but the road ahead is going to get a lot tougher.


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