Stoked! (4 January 2012)

I’ve been feeling down the past few days. I opted to rest and stay home on Tuesday night, instead of going to Ultra for my weekly hurdles workout. Last night, I was dead set on doing the same, laid back routine. I’ve already eaten dinner and was comfortably perched in front of the boob tube, watching the Powerade – Rain or Shine PBA semifinals.

I’ve told myself many times that I should have taken my childhood basketball lessons seriously. Who knows what could have happened, had I started early and channeled much passion into the hoops game. But past is past. It’s too late to be a competitive pro baller. And I’m way too short. If I didn’t suck at high school basketball, I wouldn’t have shifted to track.

Nevertheless, watching that game gave me a much needed jolt. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 8:00 PM. There was ample time to do speed endurance workouts. For a split second, I hesitated. I turned on the TV and went for a quick shower.

A few minutes later, I was off to the track. I stayed at the track for around one hour. The crisp, night air was invigorating. I was particularly proud of the last rep. I wasn’t all that tired, but I was feeling lazy. I wanted to just stop and go home. I slapped some sense into myself and put on my game face. All throughout the last 200m sprint, I imagined myself running the last leg of the 4x400m relay, shadowing one of the Borlee brothers. At the imaginary homestretch of the fantasy race, I took the outer lanes as I successfully passed a non-existent competitor. I summoned the last vestiges of strength to reach the invisible tape signifying the finish line.

Despite subjecting myself to the most difficult workout I’ve had in the nascent 2012 season, I felt alive with exhilaration after the lung-busting, 7x200m sprint, 200m jog workout. I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely; it was the first time I did something that intense in recent memory.

I’ve had a great workout!


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