Gym Survival Tips

I think I’ve found the cure to my anemic weight training sessions: stay warm and listen to good music.

I used to thoroughly enjoy gym sessions. With a gym filled with interesting members of the opposite sex, determined athletes from a variety of sports and knowledgeable mentors, who wouldn’t? I could stay for hours at length at the good ole Marco Lorenzo Weights Room without a whimper.

But now that I train alone (and at a regular fitness gym at that), weight training has become problematic. Instead of intense training sessions, my gym routine has been but a shadow of its old self. Even if I’m intrinsically motivated (a phrase I have long since over-used!), the fact remains that the Celeb Gym and its environs isn’t conducive for athletics training. Hence, a steady sense of subtle resentment has brewed underneath. Nowadays, I almost always feel something short of dread at the thought of another weight training session.

This shouldn’t be the case. Resistance training is an integral part of every athlete’s regimen and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Taking note of the following pointers might help:


From experience, the best way to fight gym dullness is to listen to a wide variety of music. My personal choices gravitate around old school rock, modern hits and time-tested love songs. But mind you, one cannot possibly listen to a music player all throughout. It is best to alternate between watching a badass sports show, music and periods of silence.


The warm-up is integral. For the past months, I’ve been doing my warm-ups on a stationary bike wearing a slim-fitting tank top. In the air-conditioned gym, this combination is time-consuming and relatively ineffective. In my effort to rush through my training, I’ve neglected this important phase. Note to self: wear a jacket or a windbreaker!


One cannot do the same routine day in and day out. Being self-coached, it’s a struggle to come up with innovative workouts with my limited knowledge. Time constraints also hamper the need for variety. Thus, I keep things simple, opting to follow clear-cut themes (dumb bell days, barbell days, body weight days, etc.) to fight monotony. Time-saving routines like super sets, compound sets and circuits are my favorites.

Beautiful Strangers

There’s no better training booster than an attractive female. Such sights are rarities at my gym. Every time a beautiful stranger graces the weights room, I get an instant jolt of strength. My intrinsically motivated self is propped up by extrinsic factors!

With these pointers in mind, I’m hoping to make the most out of my time as I set my sights on being the best hurdler I can be. The proverbially rough road ahead will be worth the effort when the opportune time comes. Things could have been much worse, so I’m learning to count and appreciate my blessings and make the most out of the circumstances.

2 responses to “Gym Survival Tips

  1. Ivan December 27, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    I think you should find a girl to partner you in your gym work. With that, you most probably covered everything except variety. Maybe get two girls then!

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