The Ravaged Ateneo High School Oval

Ecstatic at my successfull six-day joust with the flu, I headed out to the good ole Ateneo High School oval for my sprint workout.

The sickening sight of a ravaged grass track dampened my mood. A good part of the 100m straightaway resembled a muddy construction site (no thanks to the fellows who renovated the High School Chapel). There were craters strewn all over that 30 meter stretch, almost filled to the brim by accumulated rainwater.


I could not help but seethe at the sight of the cherished track disrespected. The service road was a mere 40 meters from Chapel/Covered Court quadrangle. Driving over the track oval saved, at best, a good 30 meters. I did not have the stomach to spend a few more minutes in plain sight of this tomfoolery.

I decided to do some hill work instead.


2 responses to “The Ravaged Ateneo High School Oval

  1. Gian Ludovice (@iamludo) December 23, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    I saw this too during the Christmas Salu-Salo in AHS.

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