Track Beauty of the Week: Dana Hussein Abdul-Razzaq دانة حسين عبد الرزاق (Abdulrazaq Danah)

Dana Hussein Abdul-Razzaq   دانة حسين عبد الرزاق  (Abdulrazaq Danah) is this week’s track beauty!

I’ve often ranted about the ills of being a Filipino track & field athlete. Abdul-Razzaq’s circumstances as a sprinter amidst war-torn Iraq makes Filipino athletics seem like paradise. The ill-fated American enterpise in Iraq in 2003 plunged the proud Arab nation into chaos. Despite the constant fighting, the Iraqi sprinter persevered.


Photos from Yahoo/Reuters

She competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, training in Iraq while her fellow Olympians had bases abroad. Abdul-Razzaq finished 6th in her heat, stopping the clock at 12.36s. On paper, such a time would have been mediocre. But considering the fact that the Iraqi trains at an old asphalt track riddled by both bumps and sniper fire, such a performance is admirable to say the least.

Abdul Razzaq is part of the Shiite minority, while her coach Yousif Abdul-Rahman is Sunni. For Abdul-Razzaq, taking part in sport unifies the “Iraqi people — no Sunnis, no Shiites, just sport for the country.”

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Three years after the Beijing Olympics, the Iraqi sprinter is making waves in regional competitions, winning the 100m dash crown at the ongoing Arab Games in Doha. Abdul-Razzaq ran a season’s best of 11.88s to edge out the Asian Games 200m dash silver medalist, Gretta Taslakian of Lebanon. Her winning time is almost half a second faster than her time at the Beijing Olympics – and at the 2011 Asian Athletics Championships held this year, where she failed to progress beyond the heats!

The versatile Iraqi also won a bronze in the 400m dash and has figured at the top of the 200m dash qualifying.

Article by Joboy Quintos

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