I’ve only been away from the track for almost a month. Although I’ve been playing basketball and lifting weights regularly to stay in shape, my body craves for the high-intensity track & field workouts. Nothing quite compares to the sheer sensation of hurdling and sprinting. Every inch of my body is bristling with energy. There’s this longing to head out to the place I love best – the track. The change in my disposition was drastic. Weeks ago, I remember feeling stale at my drawn out, solitary training routine that I contemplated a change in priorities. The time I spent away from the track has done wonders to my state of mind.

In the years I’ve spent being an athlete, the past few months have been the most difficult. I was accustomed to the easier, cut-and-dried routine of a student-athlete. It took quite some time [and busload of rants] before I found my rhythm in balancing my nascent professional career and my passion for the sport. Despite the sleepless nights and the ups-and-downs, I can finally say that I’ve achieved some measure of equilibrium.

At my mid-twenties, my body is at its peak. I know for a fact that I still have it in me. I haven’t lost the edge, contrary to what I’ve previously thought. I am motivated and confident at the tasks at hand. The events of May 2011 wasn’t the end; it marked the beginning of something far bigger in scale.



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