Not Yet

I haven’t been updating this blog lately, save for the weekly Track Beauty posts and the occasional filler article. Since I decided to stop training last month, I’ve made it a point to distance myself from the sport. The solitary training sessions had become too problematic that the quality level of training had taken a dive for the worse. I felt stale and lonely. The fact that I did not have any athletics meets to train for compounded my training woes.

When the 26th SEA Games started, I was disinterested at the events, in stark contrast to the fanaticism I displayed during the Daegu World Championships. Deep down, I’m still frustrated at how my post-collegiate athletics career turned out. The balancing act of work and training was so taxing, that I contemplated on hanging up my spikes for good.

Perhaps I take sports too seriously. Although I’m a good sport, I sulk for days after every loss. I just could not see the point of smiling amidst adversity, like most of my countrymen do. I take each and every defeat to heart, learning from the experience as best as I can.

Hence, a second retirement is out of the question. Not yet. Deep down, I know for a fact that the fires of passion still burn.


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