Clearing my Head

It’s funny how I subtly miss the track, when only a few weeks ago I felt my mind crumble from the stresses of training alone. Such are the pitfalls of solitude. Emotions tend to multiply ten-fold, clouding one’s sound judgement. The decision to take a step back has done wonders. It’s refreshing to momentarily stop the balancing act of work, social life and athletics.

I have a couple of track & field meets planned for 2012 (an ominous year if you believe the ancient Mayan projections). Conditioning will start at the latter parts of November. In the meantime, I’m staying fit by playing weekly games of basketball and hitting the weights room for at least twice a week.

I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering. I am turning twenty-six in less than a month’s time. My life the past few years hasn’t exactly been the portrait of the go-getter  I once was. It is time to make a change for the better, to shun mediocrity and get the eye of the tiger back.

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