Little Things

One of the coaches in Ultra remarked a few months back that I led with my foot, instead of with the knee. I was aghast since I’ve always been a stickler for proper hurdling form. I was deep in training for the National Games back then – by my lonesome. I had absolutely no way of verifying the aforesaid observations. With the National Games barely a month away, the logical thing to do was to focus on my racing, instead of fixing a fundamental flaw in form.

A hurdler could have the most aesthetically pleasing hurdling clearance, but without the confidence to sprint over the barriers, this technical skill will be for naught.

I began the second half of the 2011 season with an emphasis on correcting my technique. I did my utmost best to do hurdle drills as often as my schedule and body would allow [twice a week at least, thrice at most]. Instead of settling for the lower hurdle heights in the hurdle walkover sessions, I pushed myself to re-learn the swag I previously had over the .916m barriers. Gradually, I found my rhythm. Halfway through the macrocycle, I felt the benefits of building up my technical base.

However, a couple of unfortunate bouts with illness cut my momentum. This, coupled with the occasional niggle and the laziness attributed to having a competition-less season (my Saturday classes ruled out my participation in the PATAFA relays) bogged down the progress of my training. As I wind down the year, I can’t help but look back at the past months with disappointment.

Last Saturday, I was just about to stay home when my friend John prodded me to whip my lazy ass to the track. A close review of the video clips show that the second half of 2011 did not go to waste. Even if I was visibly tense during the course of the hurdling session, I was particularly proud of the way I led with the knee. Those drilling sessions proved fruitful in the end.

Now this is what you call High Definition!

I’ll try my utmost best not to feel down in the dumps. After all, there wasn’t much I can do with regards to the scheduling constraints. It is best to stay cheerful and appreciate the good things – no matter how little.


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  1. edwin October 21, 2011 at 3:39 PM

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