My Dunking Fantasy

I made my first dunk when I was fifteen years old. It wasn’t actually a dunk, strictly speaking, since I practically tipped the ball in before pulling down the ring with half my palm (“tap ring” in Filipino colloquial terms). But hell, I was ecstatic! I gleefully called one of my friends to watch as I repeated the feat. I was at the height of my basketball addiction back then, playing almost every day after school.

In time, I traded my high cut basketball shoes for sleek sprinting spikes. I lost a good measure of what basketball skills I’ve worked so hard for as I transformed myself to a track & field athlete. Hence, I’ve lost the ability to do the “tap ring.” The past few years have seen the resurgence of my passion for the hoops game. The organized basketball leagues that were readily available infused much needed enthusiasm amidst the boredom of my solo athletics training.

During one such basketball game weeks ago, I tried dunking the ball for the first time in almost a decade. After a few bungled tries, I found the rhythm. Finally, I was able to translate the athleticism I’ve developed as a sprint hurdler into basketball’s most exciting shot. It was far from an honest-to-goodness dunk, but it was much better than the “tap ring” a decade earlier.

If Spud Webb (5’6, 1.68m), Nate Robinson (5’9, 1.75m) and Joey Mente (5’9, 1.75m) can slam the ball, there’s no reason why my 5’11 (1.80m) self can do the same!


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