Frustration (4 October 2011)

The past five weeks have been difficult. The weather has been uncooperative, with several typhoons ruining my training plans. As a result of the cold, rain-soaked environs, I succumbed to a series of illnesses, further interrupting my otherwise consistent training cycles. I could not help but feel so frustrated. Just when I was starting to reap the gains of my technical sessions, training had to take a back seat due to the aforesaid factors.

Last night was no different. Even if my legs felt well-rested, I was somewhat out-of-sync. It was my first hurdles workout in almost two weeks and only my second track workout since coming back from a mild throat infection (thanks to Typhoons Pedring and Quiel). I was hurdling quite well under the circumstances. Hell, I was feeling the rhythm! Perhaps it was my being overeager that did it. I felt a slight niggle in my left hamstrings during the first round of flat, three-point starts.

I tried to shake it off, opting to go straight to the sprint workout. But my leg felt wobbly and somewhat numb. I know for a fact that I had a mildly strained muscle. Rest is the only option.

I sat at the one of the monobloc chairs in the track, blankly staring at the joggers trudging in circles and the frisbee players throwing discs all over the field. The second half of the 2011 season has been a big disappointment. My weekend classes prevent me from participating in the PATAFA Weekly Relays – the only other local athletics meet open to non-students.

There and then, I wanted to hang up my spikes and quit the sport for good. I felt fucked up with my uncomfortably-drenched spikes and mildly-throbbing leg. Dammit, I said, as I cursed silently. Thankfully, I did not storm out of the track in a rash manner. I weighed down the facts. In a few weeks’ time, I shall be in race shape – good enough for a couple of rounds doing the 100m dash, should my class schedule permit. If worst comes to worst, I’ll end the season with an ignominious trial run (pitiful, isn’t it?) and rest for the upcoming 2012 season. It won’t be entirely fruitless since I have made significant inroads into technical proficiency, especially with my hurdling technique.


2 responses to “Frustration (4 October 2011)

  1. Ally Lim October 14, 2011 at 1:08 AM

    Don’t give up Joboy! I’ve been struggling with the rain too! Plus finals week didn’t help. I’ve sacrificed some training days which I get really annoyed about. I still train in the rain. Buy a running jacket maybe? And take Berocca everyday. For real…I can run 2 hours in the rain and not get sick…all because of Berocca :)

    • hurdler49 October 14, 2011 at 8:14 AM

      Thanks! It’s more than just the rain. I’m suffering from motivation problems. I’ve been training alone for almost two years now! The solo routine can get quite maddening!

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