Refreshing (22 September 2011)

When my former teammate, Emilio, joined my sprint workout last night, I asked myself: “When was the last time I actually trained with another athlete?” Although I had the opportunity to warm up with Rocky, another former track teammate, and the PPVC crew, I always do my workouts alone (the former is a distance runner, while the latter are pole vaulters).

I had to backtrack almost four years, during the twilight of my collegiate athletics career. Ever since I the comeback, I’ve always been a lone wolf.

My former teammate have been frequenting Ultra the past few months, as part of his rehab program for an injured knee. He trains with Coach Salazar’s group, doing bad-ass long runs and circuit routines. I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the former decathlete a weeks back. Seeing a familiar face, a former track teammate at that, is a rarity nowadays.

The workout went stupendously well, despite a few errors in pacing. We were supposed to do 6×150’s in 20s each, but the time fluctuated from a low of 18s to as high as 22s. It was great to have someone to talk to in between the reps. Having someone nearby also does wonders to one’s motivation, especially when laziness starts to set in.

The ideal training partner is someone who takes part in the same discipline. But since sprint hurdlers are a rarity in this part of the world, I’d gladly train with almost any type of athlete!


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