I’ve been out of my element the past few weeks, thanks to a bout with illness and some motivation issues. I couldn’t seem to get my act together, once I felt fit enough to train again. Even if I’ve recovered substantially, something was holding me back. I did not force the issue. I kept my training load near the bare minimum, training just enough not to lose the fitness level I’ve built up the past few months.

Last night’s basketball game was the turning point. We won in overtime after a nail-biting series of events. I played fairly decently. Hell, my fifteen year-old, basketball addict self would have been proud, had it not been for my turnovers! After the match, I felt stupendously pumped up. Yes, the euphoria was centered on the decent game. But deep down, the urge to go back to the track became ever so strong.

I finally got my mojo back. These legs of mine long for the track!


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