Koji Murofushi strikes gold!

Casting thoughts of the 110m high hurdles final aside, I am ecstatic for Koji Murofushi 室伏 アレクサンダー 広治! I grew up reading about (and occasionally, watching clips) of the great Japanese hammer thrower. To see him strike gold in the world stage is heartwarming.

Thanks to a live streaming link, I was able to watch Day 3 as it happened (well, it was around three to five minutes delayed, thanks to my slow connection). Murofushi grabbed the lead at the onset and clung to it until the finish. He threw the hammer to a massive 81.24m in the third round (and in the fifth!). This was Murofushi’s best throw in three years, and the fourth best mark in the 2011 top list.

Read the IAAF article here

At 36 years old, Murofushi has become the oldest World Hammer Throw Champion in history.

In a last ditch attempt to hammer out (pun intended) a gold medal winning performance, Hungary’s Krisztián Pars broke through the 80m in his final attempt (81.18m). The implement landed a mere six centimeters from Murofushi’s mark. Primož Kozmus fell to third, as a result of Pars’ desperation heave.

Click here for a short interview (in English!)

A decade after making his World Championships debut in Edmonton, seven years after striking gold in Athens and four years after failing to reach the podium in front of his countrymen in Osaka, Koji Murofushi is back with a mean thunderclap of a throw.

Make that two throws.

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