Daily Archives: August 25, 2011


I had the worst of workouts last Saturday. A gloomy sky greeted my arrival in Ultra. As soon as I finished setting up the hurdles, the rain fell. I thought it was only an intermittent drizzle, but the downpour lasted a good one hour. I took shelter at the bleachers to wait for the weather to clear. But as soon as I resumed the session, the rain fell again. I didn’t want to stop yet again, so I soldiered on. After all, I’ve been through much worse conditions before.

I was drenched from head to toe. I felt out of sync. Physically, I was in tip-top shape. I was far from exhausted. But psychologically, I was at the limit. I longed for the comfort of my bed and a warm cup of coffee. Hell, I deplored my Han Solo training routine! The vicious cycle of endless what-if questions hounded me (I tend to think a lot when I train). Instead of doing sprints after the hurdles session, I stretched for a bit, took a bath and went straight home.

I took a two-day break to get my act together. I must admit that thoughts of quitting the sport were tempting, in light of the quandary I was in. I turned a deaf ear to my convoluted mind, shunning rash decision-making. Rest was the answer.

The short hiatus did wonders for my motivation. Athletics is my passion. I shall pursue the hurdling excellence to the best of my abilities, even if it means training solo in a deserted track. As soon as my mind cleared, my sense of purpose was renewed – especially when I watched the clip of the Singapore Open 2011 110m high hurdles final. I went back to training last Tuesday, with both my body and mind feeling fresh.

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