Train Without Pain

I had some minor trouble with my right knee the past few days. Perhaps three consecutive days of basketball (Monday), weights (Tuesday), plyometrics (Tuesday), sprints (Wednesday) and hurdles (Wednesday) took its toll. I first felt the numb pain on the right side of my knee cap on Wednesday morning. It hurt every time I touched it. Nevertheless, I soldiered on. At the end of my Wednesday night workout, the pain multiplied five-fold.

Hence, I took the entire Thursday off, not wanting to aggravate the mild injury (it was probably tendinosis). I’m feeling much better now. The pain has dramatically subsided. Since I only have the PATAFA Weekly Relays to train for (a minor meet), I’ll be taking it easy the next few days. Train without pain shall be my mantra, as always.

Ever since I jacked up the training load with more hurdle and running drills, I’ve been plagued by minor niggles. The most troublesome were mild hamstring strains and now this, a bum knee. In light of my limited recovery time, I have to be a lot careful when it comes to planning my training load. Good thing I’ve religiously kept track of my workouts through my trusty training log.


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