Adjustments 2.0 (14 August 2011)

I breezed through the Trust test (might have flunked it) so I left Makati a bit early, just in time to catch the last events of the PATAFA Weekly Relays in Ultra. It was good to see familiar faces like Coach Ed, the Obienas and the PPVC crew again. To save time, I planned on having a hardcore midday training session.

Thankfully, I misread the schedule board of the venue. I thought that the Rugby games would be held in two weeks’ time, as I fail to decipher message of the info board! It turned out that right after the PATAFA event, the entire stadium is exclusively reserved for the Rugby folks. I was able to sneak in some running drills and plyometric hurdle drills under the harsh sun. It was half past twelve when I finished, thirty minutes into the supposedly exclusive schedule. I’d have to thank the PRFU for allowing me to intrude!

By the time I finished, I was sunburned. I wasn’t overly exhausted from the heat, which is a good sign, considering that I almost always train at night. Such conditions are excellent preparation for future competition days that are less than ideal.

After a quick lunch, I headed straight home to rest. I went to the good ole Ateneo campus to do some uphill sprints. I capped the two-pronged training session with a bad-ass, lung-busting routine up the good ole uphill route of yore.


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