Track Beauty of the Week: Danielle Carruthers

Danielle Carruthers is this week’s track beauty!

I’ve often wondered what makes the American sports system so successful. In the elite athletics scene, Americans have always been among the top tier. Perhaps the success can be attributed to the cut-throat U.S. Track & Field Trials, where only the top three advance to the Olympics or World Championships, regardless of one’s previous achievements.

Read Carruthers’ inspiring story here

Danielle Carruthers’ story paints a clearer picture. Carruthers came from humble beginnings, where her divorcee mother had to juggle four jobs and rely on government food stamps. Her speed saw her earn an athletic scholarship at Indiana University. An Athletix Mag interview I saw weeks earlier featured the talented American sprint hurdler. Carruthers thought about quitting athletics altogether a few years back, as she struggled to make ends meet. She talked about having to work up to the wee hours and waking up early just to train. She even had to give up her apartment and lived with her Coach and his family for a few years.

The current season has been ground-breaking for the American. She is having her most successful year since 2006, where she won the U.S. Indoor title and narrowly missed out on the World Indoor podium. The 31-year old recently placed second behind Dawn Harper at the U.S. Trials, earning a spot in Daegu this August. She has been a consistent fixture in the top echelons of the Diamond League meets the past few months, as she engaged the in-form Aussie, Sally Pearson, in head-to-head duels.

In July, she ran a lifetime best of 12.52s in Birmingham, shattering her previous mark of 12.56s set way back in 2004. Carruthers is the fourth fastest sprint hurdler in the world this season, within range of that elusive major international title.


Photos from and Danielle Carruthers’ MySpace

Athletes like Carruthers have clawed their way from the bottom through sheer hard work. She undeniably possesses an uncanny level of mental toughness amidst adversity. Expect Carruthers to make waves in this year’s World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. A first world title for the hard-fighting American is within the horizon.

Article by Joboy Quintos

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2 responses to “Track Beauty of the Week: Danielle Carruthers

  1. Barry Burns April 25, 2012 at 5:18 AM

    Track and Field Princess and World Class Beauty! Are you seeing this Madison Avenue???!!

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