Some Saturday Night Thoughts

I was a little bit of a basket case back in college, with my neurotic tendencies and all! Well, as Sam Mussabini from the movie Chariots of Fire said: “A short sprint is run on nerves. It’s tailor-made for neurotics.” I had occasional mood swings. But whether I’m in a good or bad mood, I almost always seem to channel the positive or negative energy into productive training.

Nevertheless, I ascribe to the “train happy” mentality espoused by my high school coach. Quoting the words of Peter Pan, he told his wards to “think happy thoughts before a race.” Throughout my decade-long athletics career, I’ve lived by this training mantra, even if at times I veered off this mindset.

Looking back, I’ve cleared countless hurdles (both real and figurative) thanks to Coach Ed’s borrowed lines. Mental toughness is important, now that I’m training alone. What keeps me coming back to the track, despite the difficulties, is my dream to be national champion – and to carry the country’s colors in international competition. At twenty-five years old, I don’t have much time left. I tried hanging up my spikes, but the call of the track was too loud to ignore.

I figured that ten or twenty years from now, I’ll look back at my quarter-life with a certain sense of pity, had I failed to will my body for a second shot at athletics glory. One does not stay young forever. The Holy Grail is nothing but a figment of fiction. Despite the seemingly daunting odds, I could not possibly steer clear of the hurdles.

I’m a hurdler and an athletics man to the core. I must soldier on to the best of my abilities.


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