Luisito Espinosa’s Comeback Bid

I grew up watching Luisito Espinosa. Back in the day when live boxing matches were shown on free TV, with bearable amounts of advertising, Espinosa was the undisputed King of Philippine Boxing. I can hardly remember whom he fought, or the titles Espinosa won, for I wasn’t even in my teens yet. But one thing’s for certain: the name “Luisito Espinosa” shall forever be synonymous with boxing.

Photo from Wikipedia

It tore my heart reading about the decline of Espinosa. Luisito was hamstrung by unscrupulous promoters (he still hasn’t received his $150,000.00 from a fight back in the 90’s). After losing his boxing title in 1999, Lindol’s career went on a downtrend. From a once proud champion, Espinosa now cleans carpets for a California casino.  He was forced into retirement in 2005, suffering crushing losses to no-name upstarts.

According to articles by Inquirer’s Percy Della (7/16/11, PDI) and Phiboxing’s Gov. Manny Pinol, Espinosa is on a comeback trail at the advanced age of forty-four. Well, George Foreman had won titles at that age before, so it isn’t impossible. Will Espinosa do a Foreman? I hope to the high heavens that he does, for the sake of his body.


2 responses to “Luisito Espinosa’s Comeback Bid

  1. underdogboxing July 17, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    Espinosa is holding his own health as hostage. He’ll keep fighting until someone pays the money that is owed to him. This is really sad. I hope Louie decides against coming back.

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